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The factory

For over 75 years, Ducampus has been synonymous with quality and tradition in the sector. Founded in 1949, we have consolidated our position in the national and international market, offering a wide range of high-quality furniture for different environments and needs.

With more than 100 dedicated employees, our team is the beating heart behind every piece we manufacture. Their dedication and knowledge ensure that every piece of furniture that leaves our facilities maintains the highest standards of quality and finish.

Our factory, spread over more than 20,000 square meters, is a center of innovation and efficiency. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology and meticulously planned production processes, we are able to meet our customers’ most varied ideas.

Over the years, we have adapted to market changes and design trends, always maintaining our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. Our long history is a testament to our ability to evolve and prosper, while continuing to honor the fundamental values that have made us a benchmark in the sector.

At Ducampus, each piece of furniture is more than just a product; it is the result of decades of experience, passion for detail and commitment to quality. We are proud of our history and look forward to continuing to serve our customers with furniture that not only decorates, but transforms spaces into true testimonies of beauty and functionality.

The materials are chosen rigorously, each type of material evaluated for its durability, texture, color and grain. This careful selection is the first step towards ensuring the superior quality of the final product. In the factory, each piece is treated and worked with precision, respecting its natural characteristics and maximizing its aesthetic and functional potential.

The manufacturing process is a combination of traditional techniques and innovation. Experienced craftsmen use hand tools with unparalleled skill, while employing advanced technologies for precise cuts and impeccable finishes. Combining these two approaches ensures that the furniture is not only beautiful, but also durable and ergonomic.

Each piece is designed with a deep understanding of proportions, balance and harmony. Designers work in collaboration with artisans to turn concepts and ideas into reality, creating furniture that meets both the practical needs and aesthetic desires of customers. This collaborative process is key to creating furniture that is both contemporary and timeless.

From the symmetry of the joints to the final polishing, each stage of the manufacturing process is carried out with a critical eye and a steady hand. The finishes are applied meticulously, enhancing the natural beauty of the materials and protecting them to ensure their longevity.

Welcome to the world of quality and tradition. Welcome to the Ducampus factory, where each piece tells the story of our dedication to the art of creating exceptional furniture.
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