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Thank you for visiting our website. We hope ou enjoy learning more about DUCAMPUS and our products. We have implemented all the necessary measures to preserve the securaty and personal information you provide us with. DUCAMPUS is commited com complying with local legislation on the protection and privacy of personal data. This Privacy Policy defines the data processing practices adopted by DUCAMPUS in relaion to the use of the Internet and any other forms of electronic communication.

The text, information, photos and videos and other data published on this site and through links are the intellectual property of DUCAMPU, so any use, copying or improper distribution of them will be subject to legal action. The text, information and other data published on this site and through links to other sites on the Internet are exclusively for informatonal purposes and do not assume any nature of offer or commitment. DUCAMPUS assumes no responsibility for any errors or errors or omissions o any kind, wich cause any kind of direct of indirect damage resulting from the reading and use the information published here or any content included on the site, or resulting from access to or use of content inserted on other sites.

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